dedicated to Lieutenant Colonel George F. Marshall
Killed in action, Oran Harbor, North Africa, World War II

enduring tribute
to our freedoms

“Marshall Park in Raleigh, NC is dedicated to one soldier, but in a larger sense it commemorates the entire generation that fought and won World War II. For five years, the free world pulled together as it had never done before, and has not done since. This is the reason freedom endures today.

Military dead and missing included 416 thousand from the United States, 383 thousand from the United Kingdom, 45 thousand from Canada, and 39 thousand from Australia. Those that stayed home and supported the war effort were equally important. Because of the unified military and civilian sacrifice, democracy achieved victory over dictatorship.

Perhaps of equal importance, the United States extended a helping hand to former enemies, including Germany and Japan. Doing so facilitated their recovery and created long term alliances.

It is because of these accomplishments that we now live in prosperity and relative security.

We owe an enormous debt of gratitude to those who served and fought in that war, and should never forget it. We must ensure that their memory lives on in the minds of succeeding generations.”

Rick Marshall